Thursday, November 1, 2012

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c + m is a journal of our, Chris and Meryl's, life together. Chris and Meryl met during the summer of 2009 as college students in Accounting 101. Chris was a D1 football player from UNR. Meryl was studying Business at UNLV. In the span of a summer, they found their first apartment together. It was during that year that family began labeling leftovers and mail meant for them with a quick "c + m" and it stuck.

By the next year, they were expecting their daughter, Dianna, and celebrated an intimate beach wedding months before the due date.

In 2012, Chris and Meryl welcomed their son, Dean, into the world. At the end of the same year, Chris graduated from UNLV and became a children's soccer coach. He is also pursuing the family business: real estate. Meryl is a blogger and stay-at-home parent.

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