Monday, July 8, 2013

Movie Deals + A First Time

There are such amazing deals for families to go to the movies--especially during the summer.

We took advantage of one such deal today when Chris and I brought Dianna to her very first movie theater film viewing, Monsters University. We went to the Palms (more on that deal later) and as soon as we arrived to purchase our tickets, Dianna was in awe. "Look at the beautiful screen, Momma!"
The first minutes of the movie were as great for us as it was for our daughter. Chris and I got so much excitement at seeing the look of wonder and enjoyment on Dianna's face as she happily munched on her own popcorn.

She didn't quite get everything, but she was rapt with attention during the very charming short film, The Blue Umbrella,  and during the first two thirds of the feature.
Ready to go to the movies yourself? Here are a few movie deals I've found for your viewing pleasure (click the titles for links):
Brendan Theaters at the Palms - $5 per person three years of age and up all Monday every Monday. Just watch out for any Sony movies to which the discount does not apply--Chris learned that the hard way last week.
Regal Cinemas Village Square 18 and other participating locations - The Summer Movie Express features two movies to choose from playing at 10 am every Wednesday for nine weeks for only $1. This week marks week five where you can pick between Coraline and Paranorman.
AMC Rainbow Promenade - $5 movies all day from Monday through Thursday.
Westwind Drive-In - There's always a double feature and general admission is only $6 and some change, kids 5-11 are $1, and children any younger are free. Tuesdays are Family Fun Nights and admission is only $4.75 for ages 12 and up. Movies start at 8:30 pm.
The Outdoor Picture Show at The District at Green Valley Ranch - Bring a picnic and watch a movie every Friday and Saturday with the family, running until September. This weekend, you can look forward to Born to Be Wild and Jumanji starting at 8 pm sharp, free of charge.
Movies in the Square - Watch family-friendly movies at Town Square on a 25' x 35' screen every Thursday at sundown at no cost to you. The next showing on July 14th is none other than Kung Fu Panda. Don't forget your blanket and snacks!
Movies at the Library - Never forget the trusty library. The Las Vegas Clark County Library District offers a wide array of free movie programs. Some film titles coming up include Hop at Summerlin, Oz - The Great and Powerful at Windmill, and Identity Thief at Clark County.
Of course, you can always check out a few DVD's at the library too. And there's always Redbox.
Did I miss any? Let me know!  

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