Friday, September 20, 2013

Pirate Booty = A Heap of Donuts

We woke the kids up and got out of the house at an insanely early time. All pirated out in our bandanas and swords, Chris kept voicing his nervousness that "Talk Like a Pirate Day" and Krispy Kreme's involvement in the holiday was just a big hoax to make fools out of us.  As I assured him that it wasn't, we heard repeated honking and looked over at a car next to us at a light. It was a mother and daughter excitedly waving a pirate shirt at us.

A big guy wearing a skull bandana in the morning is one thing--a slightly intimidating thing, but a big guy and his family all wearing bandanas in a minivan, I guess, is a dead pirate day giveaway.

Concerns now vanishing, Chris and Dianna's excitement kept building the whole way there. The mom and daughter team met us as we got out of our cars and we compared outfits.

As we walked in, Dianna said, "Ahoy mateys, it's donut time!"

The employees worked on our four dozen original glazed and we waved our swords around, posing for the girl behind the counter. And with that, we made out with 48 donuts.


We stopped by another Krispy Kreme (received another three dozen) and spent the day spreading the love. One of the schools Chris teaches at, his dad's work, our families--they all got a dozen.

I loved how excited the kids were about it, too. They couldn't get enough of their new pirate swords. And I've discovered that Dean can't get enough of these things.

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